The Nerd Alert Report...

by Rachelle Hruska · March 11, 2009

    South by Southwest. "Who isn't going to SXSW is the better question!" Har har har.  No, actually, the more appropriate question guys, is who hasn't tweeted, tumbled or Facebook'd something about this geekstival in the last 2 hours!? It will be a first for us, which is why we will welcome some familiar faced parties with open arms (instead of offering up the quite popular "I can't wait to go to SXSW so I can hang out with everyone I already party with in NYC!" moan that has been going around).  Yey for Tumblr's party on Cedar Street!  Because when you mix an open bar with the nerd herd, you're in for quite the Tweet!

    The iPod Shuffle gets a makeover. After the SXSW geekstival chatter, the second most popular topic in nerdland is Apple's latest gadget released today, the new iPod Shuffle. It apparently talks to you (creepy) using a voiceover that, with the touch of a button tells you what song is playing and who's performing it.  Also, it's even smaller, with controls now conveniently located on the earbud cord and the ability to sync multiple playlists.

    Valebrity Are you skeptical of that ever growing Twitter account claiming to be Britney Spears.  "She can barely comb her hair, how could she possibly know how to tweet?!" you reason.  Well, you can put your fears to rest.  Valebrity is here to save the day, one microcelebrity at a time.  Go to their site to see which profiles are legit and which are leshit.

    Know your Meme. Just what it says.

    Call in Audio on Tumblr. As if there weren't enough ways to post on Tumblr, Marco's figured out how to let us post audio files from our phone.  Just call in!

    OMGPOP! aka Iminlikewithyou is HIRING! That's right, if you think you can stand entire days with Charles Forman get your application in now for a chance to take over as SEO Guru, E-Commerce/Virutal Goods Manager, or, as Wei is hoping for, Community Manager/Director of Social Media.