The Nerd Report...

by Rachelle Hruska · March 5, 2009

    A big nerd herd gathered last night to cheer on one of their esteemed members: founder Dennis Crowley was on Family Feud, and the viewing party was a smashing success. [Flickr]

    Charles Forman's I' has a new name: OMGPOP! The theme is the same "Why hang out with your friends in person when you can do it on the internet? No need to wear clothes that way." [OMGPOP]

    So how did Skittles fare with their little website redesign/PR stunt.  Brilliantly.  Skittles managed to generate more buzz than we have seen in years without spending a dime.  Talk about some sweetness. [Mokoyfman]

    Every nerd loves cool looking robots. And these bad boys have been circulating around the nerd herd all day. My favorite is the Tokyo Fire Department's rescue robot transfer. []

    Breaking News on the AIG Hearing showed up guessed it, Twitter. [Clusterstock]