The Secret "Social Web Foo Camping Trip" On O'Reilly Concrete Campus This Weekend!

by Rachelle Hruska · April 17, 2009

    There is a big nerd herd gathering this weekend in Cali. The ultra secret "Social Web Foo Camp" is being held in Sebastopol, California.  What does this mean?  Well, fans of Julia Allison will get to hear what new and remarkably innovative things she is up to-and, if they're lucky, get to share in the food she packed! They will be camping out! "Generally people will "camp" at O'Reilly's campus either outside in tents or throughout their offices/cubicles in sleeping bags."

    From Dave Morin: Today, David Recordon, Scott Kveton, and I are hosting the second annual Social Web Foo Camp at O’Reilly Headquarters in Sebastopol, California. This is the second annual gathering of the brightest web minds working to make the technology building blocks of the Social Web possible."

    150 of Tim O'Reilly's "closest friends" are camping out at the O'Reilly Sebastopol Campus.  A full list of the chosen "Campers" (Allison included) and more is below and remember, "A Foo Camp is as good as participants make it" ....

    "One of the biggest differences from last year and this year is about 65 people... :-) That means we want to strongly encourage folks to bring camping gear for this event. There will be indoor showers, but we really can't stress enough how we're pushing the limits of the space so that all of you awesome people can come meaning that not everyone will be able to sleep inside.  Last year it was held in February and the temps were rather low outside but now, being in mid-April there is no excuse not to camp folks! :-)

    There is some covered space outside to setup a tent though there will also be limited space indoors to sleep.  Expect to get a little cozy with your neighbors, but we'll do our best to make it work!  As G.K. Chesterton said, "An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered."

    Please also remember that we're guests at O'Reilly's campus and will need to use some of the sleeping areas for sessions during the day so please do your best to help keep the campus clean.  Speaking of clean, there will be showers but this is a BYOT (bring your own towel) event!" [SWFOO'09]

    Confirmed Campers

    Adam D'Angelo

    Adam Flaherty (O'Reilly)

    Adriana Lukas (The Mine! Project / VRM Hub)

    Alec Muffett

    Alex Faaborg (Mozilla)

    Alex Lines (Path101)

    Alex Payne (Twitter)

    Allen Hurff (MySpace)

    Allen Tom (Yahoo!)

    Amber Rae Lambke (Leverage Software)

    Anand Iyer (Microsoft BizSpark)

    Andrew Kortina (

    Andrew Stone (O'Reilly)

    Artur Bergman (Wikia)

    Ben Laurie (Google)

    Ben Lorica (O'Reilly)

    Ben Smith (BBC)

    Ben Ward (Yahoo! Dev Network / Fire Eagle / Microformats)

    Beth Robson (O'Reilly)

    Betsy Weber (TechSmith)

    Bill May (US State Department)

    Biz Stone (Twitter)

    Blaine Cook (BT)

    Brad Fitzpatrick (Google)

    Bradley Horowitz (Google)

    Brady Forrest (O'Reilly)

    Breno Medeiros (Google)

    Brian Ellin (JanRain)

    Brian McCallister (Ning / Apache)

    Brittany Bohnet (Google)

    Brynn Evans (UCSD)

    Cal Henderson (Flickr)

    Cameron Marlow (Facebook)

    Caroline McCarthy (CNet)

    Caterina Fake (Hunch)

    Charlie O'Donnell (Path 101)

    Chris Bissell (MySpace)

    Chris Hemphill (salesforce)

    Chris Messina (OpenID Foundation)

    Chris Wanstrath (GitHub)

    Christy Canida (Instructables)

    Christy Dena (Universe Creation 101)

    Clara Shih (The Facebook Era / salesforce)

    Cody Simms (Yahoo!)

    Dan Peterson (Google / OpenSocial)

    Daniel Burka (Digg)

    Dave McClure (500 Hats)

    Dave Morin (Facebook)

    David King (Little Green Patch)

    David Recordon (Six Apart / OpenID)

    Dawn Foster (Shizzow / Fast Wonder)

    Deb Schultz

    Derek Gottfrid (NY Times API)

    Derek Powazek

    DeWitt Clinton (Google)

    Dick Hardt (Identity 2.0, Microsoft)

    Dion Almaer (Mozilla)

    DJ Patil (LinkedIn)

    Dylan Field (O'Reilly)

    Edwin Aoki (AOL Architect)

    Elizabeth Churchill (Yahoo! Research)

    Elizabeth Lawley (Rochester Institute of Technology / Microsoft Research)

    Eran Hammer (Yahoo!)

    Eric Case (

    Eric Marcoullier (Gnip)

    Eric Wilhelm (Instructables)

    Ethan Beard (Facebook)

    Evan Prodromou (

    Glenn Jones (Madgex)

    Greg Hu (Apple)

    Greg Whalin (Meetup)

    Gwen Bell

    Heather Champ (Flickr)

    Henrik Werdelin (Joost)

    James Walker (Drupal OpenID)

    Janetti Chon (TechWeb)

    Jason Glaspey (Bac'n, Unthirsty, Black Tonic)

    Jason Shellen (Plinky)

    Jay Graves (Slanket / Coathangr)

    Jen Pahlka (Techweb/Web 2.0 Expo)

    Jeremiah Owyang (Forrester)

    Jeremy Norberg

    Jessica Vascellaro (Wall Street Journal)

    Joe Green (Causes)

    Joe Stump (Digg)

    John Adams (Twitter)

    John Earner (Playfish)

    John Hayes (YAP / Caja)

    John McCrea (Plaxo)

    John Panzer (Google)

    Joseph Smarr (Plaxo)

    Josh Elman (Facebook)

    Josh McHugh (Wired)

    Josh Williams (Alamofire)

    Joshua Schachter (Google)

    Julia Allison (Nonsociety)

    Justin Shaffer (HotPotato)

    Justin Thorp (Clearspring/AddThis)

    Jyri Engstrom (Google)

    Kaliya Hamlin

    Katie Stanton (Obama Administration)

    Kellan McCrea (Flickr)

    Kevin Marks (microformats, OpenSocial, Google )blog)

    Lane Becker (Get Satisfaction)

    Lane Liabraaten (OpenSocial / Google)

    Laura Fitton (Pistachio; oneforty)

    Larry Chiang (Duck9)

    Larry Halff (Ma.gnolia)

    Linda Stone

    Liza Sabater

    Luke Shepard (Facebook)

    Marc Canter (BBM)

    Marsee Henon (O'Reilly)

    Marshall Kirkpatrick (ReadWriteWeb)

    Martin Atkins (Six Apart)

    Matt Brezina (Xobni)

    Matt King (Instrum3nt)

    Matt Savarino (@Ridertech & K2 Skis/Snowboards)

    Matt Tucker (Jive Software)

    Max Engel (MySpace)

    Max Newbould (MySpace)

    Max Ventilla (Aardvark)

    Meaghan Asha (NonSociety)

    Michael Calore (Wired)

    Michael Galpert (Aviary)

    Michael Richardson (Vidoop)

    Michael Sharon (Facebook)

    Mike Malone (Pownce / Six Apart)

    Monica Kellar (MySpace /

    Nate DiNiro (Earth Class Mail)

    Nate Westheimer (NY Tech Meetup)

    Neal Sample (Yahoo! Social Platform)

    Niall Kennedy (self)

    Noel Dickover (DoD)

    Ondi Timoner (We Live In Public)

    Paul Buchheit (FriendFeed)

    Pete Grillo (Iterasi)

    Ralph Meijer (Mediamatic/former jaiku)

    Randi Zuckerberg

    Rob Farrow (formerly of

    Robin Sloan (Current TV)

    Romain Huet

    Ruchi Sanghvi (Facebook)

    Ryan Sarver (Skyhook, Loki)

    Sam Lessin (

    Sam Pullara (Caja / YOS / YAP / YQL+Pipes)

    Sara Winge (O'Reilly)

    Sarah Kim (O'Reilly)

    Scott Kveton

    Seth Fitzsimmons (Fire Eagle / Yahoo!)

    Shira Lazar

    Simon Willison (Guardian News and Media /

    Steve Ganz (LinkedIn)

    Susan Wu (Ohai)

    Suw Charman

    Tantek Çelik (microformats)

    Tariq Krim (Jolicloud)

    Terrell Russell (claimID)

    Thomas Huhn

    Thomas Vander Wal (InfoCloud Solutions / Personal InfoCloud)

    Toby Segaran

    Tom Coates (Yahoo! Brickhouse)

    Tony Haile (Betaworks/Chartbeat)

    Tony Mak (O'Reilly)

    Tony Stubblebine (CrowdVine)

    Ty Ahmad-Taylor (FanFeedr)

    Ulla Maaria-Muuten (Thinglink)