Brooklyn Yuppies Caught In Adderall Scheme

by Sun Kersor · January 5, 2011

    A doctor and his med school g-funk (a former pole dancer) led a prescription-drug cartel for Park Slope yuppies--tandem strollers be damned!

    30-year-old Pauline Wittshire sold Adderall she acquired from her boyfriend, Dr. Michael H. Gabriel, to an extensive network focused around her Brooklyn neighborhood filled with yuppies and affluent writers. Gabriel, an anesthesiology resident at Methodist Hospital, apparently funded his Atlantic City gambling proclivities through sales of this A.D.D. drug via Craigslist.

    The plot thickens, as the Post notes:

    "Two days after Gabriel's plea, an undercover DEA agent sent $200 via PayPal to an account Wittshire allegedly used under an assumed name, the feds said."

    Wittshire was nailed in Atlanta after flying back from a holiday spell spent in St. Kitts.

    Awful way to go into the new year; the jig's up.