Marshall Heyman Set To Become The Derek Blasberg Of The Financial World

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · March 31, 2010

    Marshall Heyman, Lynn YaegerOn April 26th, The Wall Street Journal will have a section specifically for New York crime and society happenings, and we can't wait. We also can't wait to see if Marshall Heyman gives Derek Blasberg a run for his money.-

    Aside from Heyman, there will be fourteen other reporters adding some cayenne pepper to the paper, with previous employers varying from The Times, to Newsday, to W. But let's narrow our gaze back to Mr. Heyman.

    Heyman is pegged to cover any and all society beats for WSJ, and his previous bylines for The Daily Beast, The New Yorker, W and Slate indicate that's already a couch he's quite comfortable sitting on. But in addition to his expert-level opuses, he frequently takes to his Twitter account to ponder some only the most existential of topics.

    @mhmakesithappen: Contemplating why I don't live in Coosawatchie, South Carolina

    @mhmakesithappen: I wonder what the heirs to the Haribo fortune do with their time.

    @mhmakesithappen: I was just daydreaming about what my life would be like with a Winnebago.

    @mhmakesithappen: Millionaire Matchmaker Query: What does it mean to be worth $2 million, "based on my company's value"?

    (You know what, that last one is actually valid.)

    But let's go to the other side of the spectrum and check out some of Blasberg's recent Twitter ponderings.

    @derekblasberg As @themisshapes just pointed out, one of my Twitter followers, who I met tonight, left this party in an ambulance. You guys are the best!

    @derekblasberg @byrdiebell Um, I'm not sure if this is a good sign for my book or not, but everyone prefers you as a tramp. Hmph.

    @derekblasberg Whoa, good turnout for a freakin' car party: Maggie Gyllenhaal, Kyra Sedgwick, all The Daily Show boys, my pal Kevin Bacon. I want a Lexus.

    Alright, so Derek tweets about things he's done or seen, whereas Heyman tweets about his thoughts, which means Derek wins the tweet war. But isn't there a saying in tennis, where you only get better by playing against someone with stronger skills? Yes, that's a real thing. And look at that, Twitter and tennis might have something in common.

    Heyman is also surprisingly photographer-friendly for a writer who doesn't draw coke stains in people's nostrils.

    Joy Bryant, Marshall Heyman Joy Bryant, Marshall Heyman

    Marshall Heyman and Esme Rene Marshall Heyman and Esme Rene

    Scott Cooke, Marshall Heyman Scott Cooke, Marshall Heyman

    Now, since we have an idea on the kind of "game" Heyman is going to bring, we're wondering what this will mean for Blasberg. It isn't necessarily a question of who's more qualified to report on the Olsen twins or the slurry of equestrian matches that define summer -- we're more anxious to see the kinds of multi-colored bunnies they start pulling out of their hats when they're trying to outdo each other. Whatever Heyman comes up with, it'll sure make reading the money articles a lot less like horse tranquilizers.

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