Rachelle's Reading List, Friday, Sept. 24, 2010

by Rachelle Hruska · September 24, 2010

    My guy only reads the NY Times. So, I've started emailing him lists of things that caught my eye online outside of the Times. I've decided if it's good enough to send to him, it's good enough to share with you. Below are the things that caught my eye today:

    1. Taylor Momsen hangs out with Lourdes Leon at a Material Girl event. Seriously Momsen, stay away from Lordes! [Gawker]

    Taylor Momsen, Lordes Leon, Madonna [Taylor Momsen, Lourdes Leon, Madonna at the 'Material Girl' Clothing Collection VIP Party inside MACY's Herald Sq.]

    2. The love scandal of the year, Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brant, has everyone scratching their heads. I mean. Do they hate each other or not?  In court for over a year, engaged in one of the ugliest divorces in history, there were accusations of cheating (him - with hookers no less), alcoholism (her), and more. Now, the supermodel/muse of Azzedine Alaia and the real-estate powerhouse/owner of Interview Magazine, are in LOVE after all. That, or the legal battle ahead proved to be too much of a hassle:

    "Maybe they've decided to be more European about this," says one pal.

    Anyway, Jacob Bernstein puts together the pieces (as best as anyone could) in today's Daily Beast. [TDB]

    3. Le Baron is going strong in Paris, but what is going on in NYC? Andre Saraiva and his buds were shot hanging out at Le Baron in Paris last night (Paris fashion week is kicking off so that makes sense), but what about us? Seriously we were looking forward to Lil Andre's new space in Chinatown and want to know what is going on!

    Andre Saraiva, Olivier Zahm, Romain Gavras [Andre Saraiva, Olivier Zahm, Romain Gavras. Le Baron, Paris. via Purple Diary]

    4. 30 Rock season 5 premiered last night. I still have to see the episode, but can't wait to reconnect with Kenneth! [Blogging via Typewriter]

    5. The NYDN features editor Orla Healy got canned. Everyone over at the Daily News seems to be taking the news pretty well:

    "I will happily divulge the torturous fashion week nights where she made us drink white wine and smoke kools (literally made it mandatory) in her office while she cried about her life until 2 am and then called everyone an asshole and a bad reporter the next day." "Orla Healy was genuinely the most evil human being I ever worked with though and was the reason I left newspapers. Her mindfuckery was amazing. It was like being in Heathers every day. " [via Village Voice]

    6. Foursquare takes on Amsterdam. And founder Dennis Crowley is having a ball tweeting and posting photos to his Flickr about the experience. So, what's he most excited about? The endless number of coffee shops to do partnerships with? Nope. Sprinkles. Bread sprinkles to be exact:

    [He really can't get over these sprinkles for your toast lol! via @dens]

    7. The Social Network debuts at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. With critical comparisons to Citizen Kane and The Godfather. The official premiere at the NY Film Festival takes place tonight. [Rotten Tomatoes]

    Too bad the actual website, Facebook.com, has scored less than 50%,over the last two days their site has crashed repeatedly, [Time] forcing thousands of people to rely on primitive methods of communication. [Pony Pony Show].

    8. A woman brings her newborn to her work (European Parliament in Strasbourg) in order to draw attention on women's rights. Whether she accomplished much is anyone's guess, but the photo is great:

    Licia Ronzulli [Licia Ronzulli, Italian MEP. Photo via Reuters]

    9. Diesel is outdoing American Apparel ads. Check out one of 22 new "situations" from Diesel's new "Be Stupid" campaign:

    [You'll Eat Better. Diesel. via Jon Steinberg via Buzzfeed]

    10. Miuccia Prada's spring/summer 2011 collection video [W Mag]

    11. Jeff Zucker JUST announced his departure from NBC. And, the Bill Carter broke the story! +1 New York Times! [NYT]

    [Yesterday's List]

    That's all for me today. Have something to include in tomorrow's "Found Outside The NY Times" list?

    Email me! Rachelle@guestofaguest.com