Rachelle's Reading List, Thursday, Oct. 14th, 2010

by Rachelle Hruska · October 14, 2010

    Stanley's in the office today causing trouble. He's preparing for his big Paper Magazine Awards cameo (he will be on stage tonight at Good Units party). In between scolding him for chewing on our cords, this is what I managed to read about this morning...

    1. Tumblr in the NY Times. This story seems a tad bit late. Alas, having John Mayer using your platform is certainty cause for celebration. Also cause for celebration? The big shout out to our buddy, SoupSoup, the "Undisputed King of Tumblr," Anthony De Rosa. [NYTimes]

    2. Speaking of people on Tumblr. The Standard Hotel's is going strong. We reported on their new Tumblr site last week. Today they put up this gem: a doodle written by Steve Martin in his personal notebook. [StandardCulture]

    [Posted by Standard in honor of Steve Martin's show with Frederic Tuten at the Getty in LA on Tues]

    3. Meanwhile Tumblr's founder, David Karp, is already on to his next website: [Riverthe.net]

    4. Lastly, Conan O'Brien is the King of Social Media. At least according to Fast Company. Go check out the ways the comedian and Team Coco are utilizing platforms like Flickr, Foursquare and even an online blimp. [Fast Company]

    5. What's stranger than Team Coco? This UFO sighting in Chelsea, NYC. A mysterious object caused loads of New Yorkers to freak out on Twitter yesterday. [Huffpo]

    6. Facebook Lessons for Moms. This is pretty good: "No, mom, I don't think we need to call aunt Marianne because her son posted on his Facebook that he "doesn’t believe in anything. not sin and not God." That’s a 30 Seconds To Mars lyric, not a suicide note." [Szzzlaga]

    7. All in the name of Fashion. The latest from Anna Dello Russo:

    Anna Dello RussoAnna Dello Russo [Editor of Vogue, Japan, Anna Dello Russo. Via Stefanism]

    8. The Miners are all out! And we are all ecstatic. We are also all really into the incredible stories that surfaced with their resurfacing. Like the miner who's mistress came unearthed for the first time ever. Here are the 6 badass moments from the Chilean Mine Rescue. [Gawker]

    9. Remember Mr. T? This is great. A Bloomberg TV interview with Mr. T discussing his investment in gold. Ha. [Dealbreaker]

    10. Hilary Clinton visits the statue of husband Bill in Kosovo. This hilarious photo is the result. [Foreignpolicy]

    11. Facebook and Microsoft team up on social search. "Bing just got a little more help from its friend, Facebook." [NYT]

    12. Jared Leto spent the day hanging upside down with Terry Richardson. Surprisingly, this isn't surprising to me.

    [Terry's Diary]

    13. ABC picks up Romeo & Juliet TV show. The network has committed to developing a retelling of the William Shakespeare classic and it may be directed by Catherine Hardwicke (of Twilight) [Vulture]

    14. Here's Anderson Cooper in a Bunny Costume. [Socialite Life]

    Well that's all for me today! Do you have something I should include in tomorrow's reading list? Email me at Rachelle@guestofaguest.com

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