Rachelle's Reading List: Thursday, Oct. 21st, 2010

by Rachelle Hruska · October 21, 2010

    The history of leggings, the invisible bike helmet and Bernie Madoff's desk. These are items catching my attention today, along with stories like why Facebook really is like High School, a round-up of the Frieze Art Fair in London and more! Check out what I'm reading today!

    1.Tonight, temperatures are expected to reach the lowest point they have all year. Leggings are showing up all over the place, (I have my eye on these fleece lined ones from Anthropologie). Take a look at the history of stockings on LIFE today. In the beginning, stockings warmed the leg. But when hemlines rose in the 1920s, sheer stockings became popular, fashionable and....sexy.  [LIFE]

    For more ideas this fall/winter, check out Cynthia Rowley's collection here: [Cynthia Rowley]

    And if you are going to sport the leggings/tights look, make sure you heed the advice of American Apparel:

    ["Warning these tights are not pants." Via Mike Hudack]

    2. Why Facebook Really is like High School. The Daily Beast's Thomas E. Weber tries to crack the Facebook code today. [TDB]

    3. Apple is having a good week. With a record breaking earnings report, and a new sleek Mac Book air, it's hard to find things to criticize. Which is why I got a kick out of seeing what Steve Jobs' business card circa 1979 looked like:

    [via Obama Pacman]

    Also, check out this pretty funny post from the Fake Steve Jobs on what he really thinks about Android. [TheDiaryofSteveJobs]

    4. Armie Hammer, the actor that represented my business partner Cameron Winklevoss, in The Social Network is apparently in talks to be the next Superman? [The Playlist]

    5. Skydiving disaster. My friends are all going skydiving on the 30th and they are trying to get me to go. I was 50/50 for about a day. Today, I see this: A story on Els Clottemans, a jealous schoolteacher who disabled her rival's parachute causing her to crash to her death. Sorry guys, count me out. [Gawker]

    6. The Invisible Bicycle Helmet. I was just saying that today was the day I need to get a new bike (mine got stolen from Astor Place this summer!). Now, I have more reasons. Check out this chic bike helmet that is actually not a helmet at all. It's a hood-like airbag inside a collar that you wear around your neck. It inflates quickly when it senses abnormal sudden movement. [Via Texturism]

    Go here to check out a video of this helmet in action! [HOVDING]

    7. Luke Perry posing with strangers in Sears store. I have no idea if this is real or not, but it's really funny. [FunnyorDie]

    8. I missed the Frieze Art Fair in Regents Park in London this October (it houses over150 of the most breakthrough contemporary art galleries in the world). But, I'm thankful that my friend Steven Rojas was there to document the activity. Read about his week HERE: [GrandLife] And then, stop by and check out the photos from the party he helped host at Momo [HERE].

    9. This is Bernie Madoff's desk. It is up for auction.

    [Via FosterKamer]

    And, if desks aren't your thing, you can also snatch up his old slippers, (Size 8.5), amongst other things. The last auction of the belongings of Ruth and Bernie Madoff is set for November 13th at the Sheraton in midtown! [NYMag]

    10. The Mexican Army burned a hundred and thirty-four tons of seized marijuana, the equivalent of three hundred and thirty-four million joints. [LATimes]

    11. The Founding Fathers' Papers to be accessible online. National Archives website will allow users to read, browse and search the text of tens of thousands of documents. Private thoughts from George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and other founding fathers. Exciting! [Salon]

    12. The Pellegrino Missoni collaboration:

    I had no idea this was even happening, but looks cool. Thanks Mo!

    Well, that's all for me today. Do you have something I should include in tomorrow's list? Email me! Rachelle@guestofaguest.com.

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