Tinsley Mortimer & Co Celebrate 15 Years Of SPY BAR At Avenue

by Cary Randolph Fuller · February 22, 2010

    [All photos by Nick Cantley for PMc.]

    SPY BAR, the "NYC 90's trailblazer" that we all (used to) know and love, blew out fifteen candles on the birthday cake last Friday night, and we have the photos to prove that some things (even now-defunct hotspots) just keep getting better with age.

    Fifteen years is a veritable lifetime (or two) for New York nightlife. These days venues are lucky to make it just fifteen months, and, if they succeed, are often quickly relegated to "has-been" status, their proprietors praying for a revival in popularity similar to that currently taking place at the Hotel Gansevoort in the once-again-cool Meat Packing District. Spy Bar may not be an active nightlife hub anymore, but it's memory lives on as one of the early arbiters of cool in Giuliani-era NYC. Among the revelers were NYC Queen Bee Tinsley Mortimer, Noah Tepperberg, Donovan Leitch, Russell Simmons, Wass Stevens, and Julie Dunstall.

    Tinsley Mortimer, Jameson Ernest

    Kelly Cole, Arron Purcell, Margaret Peppey

    Kelly Cole, Donovan Leitch

    Louise Tabbiner, Chris Barish

    Matt Assante, DJ Reach