Kenmare, The Sorta "New Beatrice", Gears Up

by BILLY GRAY · February 15, 2010

    [Update: Go HERE for the first photos of the interior, from the Purple Magazine Dinner].

    Fashion Week is when the city's A-List nightspots strut their stuff. It's also the perfect time to make a splash with an opening. And that's what's happening with Kenmare, the new spot from Paul Sevigny and Nur Khan and contender for title of the "New Beatrice Inn." Because, some people still really miss Beatrice Inn.

    However, Blackbook's Cayte Grieve's starts off her article by admitting that people are sick of writing and reading about the elusive new Beatrice:

    "Some are truly sick of people talking about it, but no one can deny, the Beatrice Inn was a staple part in the New York nightlife diet before shuttering."

    That shuttering occurred last April, following months of complaints about smoking, dancing, drugging and loud noise at the Village pleasure den. Certain scenesters think the party circuit has been lackluster ever since. Laments Beatrice regular Jack Bryan:

    "With only brief interruptions New York night life has been dead since the Beatrice closed. People are itching for excitement as it’s been feeling like a dead town. Hopefully this will be the thing that ends this collective nightlife hibernation it feels like everyone’s been going through since Beatrice closed.”

    A bit much, sure. But! Kenmare has big potential. Not only is DJ, brother-of-Chloe and original Beatrice mastermind Paul Sevigny behind the new joint, but he's teamed up with Rose Bar proprietor Nur Khan.

    Last night, Nur Khan's "Rose Bar Session" brought Guns N' Roses back (they rocked the John Varvatos Bowery store on Thursday night last week). We caught up with Nur as he was manning the leather clad crowd (post to follow), and got confirmation that he was excited about Kenmare. And, if last night's crowd was any forecast for the future, this Nur/Paul duo is sure to wreck HAVOC on our city's nightlife here, one that could be, dare we say, even BETTER than the old Beatrice Inn.

    It was a bit of a joke that Beatrice Inn had a food menu no one ever glanced at. But Kenmare appears to be taking the restaurant side of its personality seriously: Joey Campanaro, of acclaimed eateries Little Owl and Market Table, has signed on as chef. Will this place be more about the grub than the late night party atmosphere? Just how far will Sevigny and Khan stray from the Beatrice formula?

    Sevigny won't even make comparisons, saying "Beatrice is not a franchise." But after hosting Fashion Week parties for Prabal Gurung and Proenza Schouler, the place seems primed to explode.

    Located on Kenmare near Centre Street, we'd say nearby Southside has something else to worry about beside its imminent smoking violation court date.