Barack Obama Parties It Up At 1Oak

by Stanely Stuyvesant · January 26, 2009

    [The Barack Obama mural at 1 Oak that is now hanging above the previous bull canvas]

    While not a museum, 1 Oak's latest eye-catching mural of our 44th President and its placement (over their quintessential bull photo (below), shows the hip trend of Obama and how he has really struck a chord with the youth.  Can you think of any other modern day president that would have gotten a mural in a nightclub?

    The Obama craze has seeped into all aspects of our life including music, art, and now nightlife.  Perhaps the most shocking transformation came about via street artist Shepard Fairey's portrait of Obama, that became the campaign's iconic symbol.  His portrait was recently hung last Tuesday in the Smithsonian, signaling the widening acceptance of the street art genre and artists such as Banksy.

    In addition, the 1 oak DJ's have added the following Obama songs to their playlists...



    {The previous canvas up in 1 Oak pre-Obama]