1OfAKind OPEN!

by guestofaguest · December 17, 2007


    [Photo from Imbible]

    That's right, 1Oak, the nightclub that we were all already sick of hearing about weeks ago, got their shit together and had their first party this Thursday. The team must be very happy to put to rest all those rumors that they wouldn't be able to open until January. Anyway the lucky party goers that got to test run the club that will "change the way we look at nightlife?"...financial nerds from BTIG trading. Remember that this is the same nightclub who for months has been telling us that they were going to be different, that paying big bucks for bottles would NOT be the determining factor of whether or not you got in. They were the same "Butter Boys" that were proclaiming their velvet egalitarianism at the door:

    "So while 1 Oak will offer bottle service, 'first you need to get in,' Mr. Sartiano said. 'Then you need to be cool enough to get a table. Then you can get bottles. Somewhere it got switched.'" -NYtimes

    Alas, just as we predicted, this will not be the case. Their first party on Thursday was for hedgefunders, their second on Friday? For the One Management Models. Wow, we knew it was going to come down to the money and models soon enough, we just thought that they would have been a LITTLE more sly about it during their starting weeks. 1Oak (aka "one of a kind"), may have a one of a kind design on the inside, but their operation style is the same as their predecessors. "Birds of a feather flock together."