8 Places To Drink Outside Tomorrow

by Georgia Bobley · March 7, 2012

    Spring is finally upon us! When we heard that it's going to be in the mid-60's tomorrow, the first thing we thought was, OMG let's drink outside. While it may still be too early for espadrilles and white jeans, tables popping up on the sidewalks is a strong sign that spring is on the way. Here are some of the best places that will have their rooftops, gardens, and patios ready for tomorrow's warm weather.

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    1. Ninth Ward: Bringing the Bayou to the East Village, Ninth Ward offers a New Orleans style menu and cocktails with names like "Mardi Gras Float" and "Bloody Bloody Mary." While the dim lights and southern decor offer warmth when the weather is chilly, the best thing about this cocktail den is the backyard garden, where a 2-for-1 happy hour special makes this already appealing bar look even better. Ninth Ward, 180 2nd Avenue (at 12th Street)

    2. d.b.a: Another New Orleans transplant is the East Village's d.b.a, where 60 varieties of beer and scotch and 40 varieties of tequila ensure that there's something for every kind of drinker. The bar is small, but an outdoor patio offers some much needed space. d.b.a, 41 First Avenue (at 2nd Street)

    3. Standard Biergarten: We've written about the Standard Biergarten as a great happy hour spot, and the best time to enjoy all the boozy ping-pong and pretzel fun is when the weather is warm. Standard Biergarten, 848 Washington Street (at 13th Street)

    4. The Delancey: This Lower East Side tri-level club has plenty of room for drinkers to wander, but most appealing is the rooftop. Decorated with palm trees, fountains and even a BBQ, the retractable roof allows guests to enjoy the space even when it's below freezing. The Delancey's South Beach-esque vibe, however, is most realistic when the roof is down and the weather is warm. The Delancey, 168 Delancey Street (between Clinton and Attorney)

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    5. Beer Parc: FoodParc's backyard is one of the best (and biggest) places to drink outdoors in the city. There's no organized seating; you just sit wherever you can, and you don't even need to be drinking to be there. But the best way to enjoy this outdoor playground is to head inside to FoodParc, buy some of the $3 tickets, and fill up your cup with beer from one of 10 taps. You can then enjoy your beer while sports games (or sometimes movies) play on the big screen. BeerParc, 845 6th Avenue (at 30th Street)

    **Unfortunately, BeerParc isn't yet open for the season. Guests can still buy beer inside FoodParc, but the tickets and taps won't be out until later this year. Save this spot for the summer!

    6. Ardesia: Ardesia is anything but your typical Hell's Kitchen bar. With a 30-seat outdoor patio, a small food menu, and 30 wines available by the glass, Ardesia's backyard space is the perfect place to enjoy the weather in this neighborhood. Ardesia, 510 West 52nd Street (between 10th and 11th)

    7. Zum Schneider: Alphabet City's very first beer garden makes up in beer and German food what they lack in space. The beer garden look stays inside the bar, but when it's warm enough, the sidewalk fills up with tables where all the Bavarian fun can continue outside. Zum Schneider, 107 Avenue C (at East 7th Street)

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    8. Bookmarks Rooftop at the Library Hotel: Open year round, the Library Hotel's rooftop garden/bar is a great place to sit outside when the weather is nice. Heat lamps keep the space toasty during colder months, but you can't fully enjoy the skyline view until the heat lamps are packed away for the summer. Bookmarks Rooftop, 229 Madison Avenue (at 41st Street)

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