A Day In The Life Of Amy Sacco

by TIFFANY ETESSAMI · April 8, 2010

    FASHIONAIR decided that what the world really wants to know is how nightclub impresario Amy Sacco spends a typical day. In this five minute video, we regular people get a look at the glamorous life of the Bungalow 8 owner.


    The insightful video gives us a step-by-step look at her everyday life.

    1. When Amy wakes up, she (shockingly!) makes her own coffee! Although she prefers her local coffee shop, everyone has to make sacrifices when they're pressed for time.

    2. The woman eats! She heads to Billy's Bakery (which has the best Red Velvet. Ever.) for some sweet treats. But the guilt of sugar is too much, so next stop: gym!

    3. At Aerospace, Amy takes out all of her aggression on her punching bag. Owning an NYC hotspot is stressful, you guys...

    4. Around noon, Amy remembers that she has a job. So she grabs a cab to head to some meetings...

    5. After she got that out of the way, Amy tells the camera about how she's headed to a Moroccan themed party tonight. And for a Moroccan themed party, she needs "a mo' rockin' outfit!" (Quote of the video.) So Amy stops by Scoop to find her ensemble for the night. Don't worry, she found a "mo' rockin'" dress and happily strolled out with bags of stuff.

    6. Final stop: Blow for hair and nails. (That sounds really bad, but it's fairly innocent.) After she got that much-needed blowout, Amy's set to go home and get ready.

    That's when the camera stops rolling and Amy waves goodbye from a cab. All in all, she did nothing different than any woman getting ready for a major event. Anyone have any insight as to why this had to be documented?!