A Margarita Piñata At This Hot Spot Makes For The Ultimate Birthday Fiesta

by Christie Grimm · January 11, 2019

    If you're searching for a truly festive, turnkey birthday situation to celebrate another fabulous year of you (and really, who isn't?), look no further than Taco Electrico. This taqueria and bar is a perfect slice of Mexico in Union Square. And for birthdays, forever the most difficult outing to organize, they've super easy celebration packages to choose from, which most importantly, won't kill your wallet!

    Their VIP Birthday Package (which is $60 a person) includes just about everything your fiesta could need. Guacamole, chips & salsa, equites, taco platters, lots of sides, churros, and Margarita Piñatas. Yes, that's right, margaritas that come in a piñata - as God intended. Crush the margarita, then crush the piñata!

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