A New Orleans Soul Rebellion

by LAUREN BELSKI · February 25, 2008

    Le Bon Temps

    Brooklyn Rah Rah’s back from the Big Easy and with little to report of substance thanks to a week long hangover and an evilly delayed flight. Perhaps the product of a voodoo encounter? Anyway, my ears were as over-stimulated as an ADD frat boy at a sports bar. Jazz! Everywhere! I won’t bore you with the scintillating details of my trip—they're a little blurry anyway—but I will implore you to check out some sweet horns. I saw this band at a sweaty little club up Magazine Street where the locals hang. It’s called Le Bon Temps. If you’re planning a trip—GO THERE! On Thursdays they host the New Orleans based Soul Rebels Brass Band, and, hot damn, they start a DANCE PARTY. Be their friend on MySpace if you’re into that, but, more important, give a listen, or a download. If we’re lucky, maybe when it gets warmer out, they’ll make it make up north again.