A Night Of 20 Dirty Little Secrets At Touch

by CLAIRE WILLETT · March 7, 2008

    touchIt's my best friend's birthday and I'm hosting her party at TOUCH. VIP is reserved as usual with the private room available where we will be partying like Jersey for one night. Unlimited bottles at my table and no cover for hott girls, guys reduced under my list. Come celebrate at NYC's hottest Saturday party as it gets hotter when my Jersey crew steps in and takes over VIP for one night. PS. Kate's a hottie with a body and single and ready to mingle ;)

    According to the lovely Malori Alonso, the partay gets started at 11:30, so get yourself and Marciano mini dress and a Malibu and diet coke (or two!), and meet us there!

    xoxo ho's the U