A Nightlife District Being Proposed In The Garment District

by CHRISTOPHER CONFESSORE · February 9, 2009

    John "JE" Englebert, owner of Chelsea coldspots Prime and Suzie Wong, and the preeminent nightlife presstitute of NYC is back to his ham-fisted ways.  You may remember some of his past shenanigans that involved creating a group called NYC Night Clubs Against Bottle Service (NABC). This time he is proposing a nightlife district in the Garment District, a la Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

    One of his selling points?  The proximity to Penn Station:

    The Garment District is strongly being considered because of its proximity to transportation hubs in Penn Station

    Hmmm...wouldn't it make sense to put any kind of nightlife district as far away from New Jersey Transit as possible?  Well no reason to be concerned, it's just more hot air from Englebert...