A Notoriously Elite Sex Club Is Bringing A Masquerade Bash To NYC

by Stephanie Maida · April 27, 2021

    And by "bash," of course, we mean orgy.

    And they said New York was over!

    SNCTM, a members-only sex club which debuted in L.A. and gained notoriety for catering to the Hollywood elite (including, rumor has it, Gwyneth), is returning after a pandemic-induced hiatus with a very exclusive soiree right here in NYC.

    Dubbed simply the "Masquerade," the sexy event will welcome guests to christen the club's new penthouse, a "sleek triplex discreetly nestled in one of Manhattan’s elite neighborhoods — away from prying eyes." The dress code is black tie for men, eveningwear or lingerie (or both) for the ladies. 

    Surprisingly enough, it seems SNCTM does take COVID precautions pretty seriously - attendees need to be tested and/or vaccinated to enter. However, the only masks required will be those of the Eyes Wide Shut variety, allowing guests to freely "sip from the chalice of sensual pleasure and surrender to an evening of erotic decadence." (You must admit, nothing beats a sex party invite when it comes to colorful language.)

    Interested? Well, even if you are willing to hand over up to $8,000 for a ticket, you'll have to apply, and get SNCTM's stamp of approval.

    "We have dedicated staff that selects each individual guest in order to create a dynamic balance for the event," a spokesperson told the Daily Star. Pretty intimidating. 

    Still interested? Go ahead and try your luck. We mean, this is the ultimate way to break that quarantine dry spell...

    [Photo via @snctmsociety]