All Hail The Boom Boom Room, King Of Fall Nightlife?

by Stanely Stuyvesant · September 24, 2009

    We asked, and over 500 of you answered! Noah Tepperberg's Avenue, a seemly reincarnation of Bungalow 8 was leading for most of the past week, however, The Boom Boom Room managed to squeeze out the win the last several days.  While the Jane Hotel is a close 3rd, the recent residential uproar might make its a non-player this fall as the end seems nigh for Miss Jane.

    Read all about these 4 hot spots below...

    The Boom Boom Room: It’s on the 18th floor of the new, uber hip Standard Hotel in Meatpacking, and it’s been called the next Studio 54. Plus, Madonna’s already christened the place, along with a host of fashion parties.

    The Jane Hotel’s “Ballroom”: I said it was going to save us all awhile back, and this place seems to be continuing to pick up steam. Liz, the door guard is practically a B list celebrity at this point. Plus, they get you to twist and shout.

    Abe & Arthur’s: In the old Lotus space, the club that started off the Meatpacking district is seeing a revival from the boys behind TenJune.  If it’s good enough for Charlotte Ronson’s after party, it’s good enough for you?

    Avenue: Noah Tepperberg’s “gastropub” in Chelsea opened months ago, but it has seen quite the week. Noah’s loyal following of celebs, socials, and power suits seem to be more than happy to open up their (large) wallets for him.