An Election Alert From The Nightlife Preservation Community

by SARAH MANDATO · August 20, 2009

    GofG is proud to be a nightlife preservationist. We want to protect local culture by recognizing the industry as a critical part of New York City, and there's just no room for the buzzkill "not in my backyard" residents (NIMBYS). Perhaps most importantly, we had a blast at their launch event. With leaders like David Rabin and Steve Lewis directing the charge and that memorable evening as a glimpse of what this group is capable of, we know the NPC is serious about their efforts.

    The next step in the fight is the primaries, taking place on September 15th in anticipation of the November elections. In the running right now are David Yassky for Comptroller, Eric Gioia for Public Advocate, Bob Zuckerman for Council (Brooklyn's 39th) and Karen Koslowitz for Council (Queens 29th). These friends of small business and responsible nightlife are currently in need of donations, volunteered time and support; so get involved!

    We know you stand behind some causes because your friends are on the committee or you enjoy the events. Well, join up with a group that is the fun behind the fun, because our New York nights will look pretty sad if there's nowhere to go, to party like only our city can. 2 a.m. closing, rules for our restaurants and regulations restricting our bars? Please. Not in our city, thank you very much. Go HERE to find out more.

    Steve Lewis Mr. Steve Lewis, at the NPC launch party

    Chloe Sevigny Chloe Sevigny, at the NPC launch party. Save the Beatrice, and all our favorite spots!

    Launch party at M2