"Barbarians At The Gate"

by Rachelle Hruska · January 5, 2009

    Page Six Magazine ran a piece this Sunday about NYC's Doorman titled "Barbarians at the Gate."  I gave my two cents on Wass Stevens and the door at Bea.  Here's what they printed:

    Wass Stevens, "ageless"

    Club: Marquee (289 10th Ave. at 27th St.) The scene: After five years, Marquee "is the one mega-club that's lasted," says Rachelle Hruska, editor of nightlife blog GuestofaGuest.com, adding that much of that success comes down to Wass. "He's a great New York character and people want to be where he is. He brings style to the scene," she says of the Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, native, who got his start 24 years ago at legendary club the Palladium.

    Wass calls himself a "clothes fiend," and he dresses in hand-tailored Ron and Ron suits. "I've never seen him without an outrageous getup, like a pink paisley suit and—always—a pocket square," says Rachelle, adding that "other doormen try to emulate his style."

    Angelo Bianchi, 31

    Club: Beatrice Inn

    The Scene: "Beatrice is a hipster scene on a whole different level [of exclusivity]," says Rachelle.

    Getting in: "At Marquee, if you're dressed nice, you have a chance of getting in," Rachelle says. "At the Beatrice, kids from Jersey aren't getting in—and, unless they have hipster or writer friends, neither are businessmen."