Because The Nightlife Belongs To Us!

by SARAH MANDATO · June 23, 2009

    [Steve Lewis gets love from the ladies.]

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    Last night, Rachelle and I were happy to brave the rain and battle our carryover weekend fatigue to attend the launch event for the Nightlife Preservation Community (NPC). We know that any venture with Steve Lewis at the helm is bound to be quite the rager, and we just had to get in on the fun. Not only did the invitation only (and these were some invitations - each invitee had to register for a barcode for presentation at the door) bash fill M2 with every heavy hitter from the industry, but this is one cause for which we're honored to rally. The NPC is taking on the fun police to save New York City. We don't joke about our love for nightlife, and right now special interests and unproductive legislation is straining an industry that employs over 20,000 people and supports the local economy. And we certainly don't need to point out that our favorite restaurants, bar and clubs are, well, the best things ever. As hostess Chloe Sevigny presciently articulated in her cute tee, "Free the Beatrice!" You said a mouthful there, sister. The actress showed up with her brother Paul, who led a serious team o' the turntables, including Q-Tip, Funkmaster Flex, Jus Ske and Junior Vasquez. In between our PR princess Ariel giving us the lowdown and what eventually was one too many trips to the open bar, we enjoyed seeing so many people we love (happy birthday, Jezza!) there to support the effort to preserve New York City's local culture. Job well done on hitting the scene in a serious way, NPC. We're ready to fight with you, and even more curious to see what else you have in store...

    Chloe Sevigny can save Beatrice Inn one T-shirt at a time?

    Team Blackbook

    For more information on the history of parties hosted for employees in nightlife -- known as Bartenders' Balls -- check out Steve Lewis' promo post on the event for his Blackbook blog.