RIP Bella's 2006-2008

by guestofaguest · August 19, 2008

    The morning after...

    Has it hit you yet that Bella's is over?  Me neither....although, talking to friends about its finale, we all agree it makes sense.  Quit while you are ahead.  And ahead she was.  Bella's, that little hot spot underneath the Martignetti boy's restaurant, was a favorite of socialites, hipsters, bankers, and LOLA'ers alike. We could always rely on Bella's for consistent fun.  Bella's never let us down as our go-to backup plan, and, time and time again, she was our only one.   Besides having some of the best music around, whenever I walked into Bella's I ran into someone that I knew....Where else could we feel safe venturing into in outlandish kenny kenny costumes, or, better yet, sans pants in our best Flash Dance reenactments? Sure some nights held more debauchery than even we could handle, herds of prepsters that, no doubt, turned Broome Street for a 180, and was responsible for more items lost to the party gods than I care to think about; but despite all of this, I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm going to miss this place.  I will miss...

    bella's alexandra richards at bella'sbella'sbella's

    More story and photos below:

    bella's...the LOLA parties with Jonathan Famous manning the DJ Booth, Eb Solis, Varick O'Dea, and DJ Nick Cohen. I'll miss seeing James Willis standing at the door in his bomber hat and gloves, and, of course, Q. I will miss pretending like I'm an expert Backgammon player.  I think I'll move on from the falls on the stairway, but I'll definitely miss the debauchery behind the bar.  I will miss the private parties in the booths, the spot of countless secrets shared, and the twirls to Journey on the dance floor.  I will miss the Aussies, the rum and cokes and the LOLA stickers.  I will even miss that idiot girl that lost my coat at the coat check station.  I will miss having a spot to bring my visitors from out of town where I could feel "cool" and "in-the-know", but most of all, I will miss making memories there with all of you.

    Last night was the last time Bella's would open her doors to all of her adoring fans.  I stopped by early on to pay homage.  I spoke with Anthony Martignetti who told me she will be closed for weeks and then reopened with an entire MAKE OVER as "The Magestic". And so, although it's bittersweet, I have to remind myself that "Change is good."  "Change is good."

    What will you all miss???