"Best 2K I Ever Spent!" Compliments! Compliments! Compliments For Cyberpunks!

by SUSANNAH LONG · June 22, 2010

    Someone (our mom/boyfriend/dentist) recently told us that we're too negative, so we're trying to be nicer to everyone. This European Cyberpunk concert seems like the perfect chance to practice not saying anything unless we have something nice to say. -

    We're going to be good at this, just you wait. We can accentuate the positive like gangbusters if we have to.

    You remind us of a boozy Disney princess.

    Hi, crowd. Good job at being a crowd. Well played.


    With those glasses, you look super smart.

    Even with half your face covered, you are like a beautiful poem.

    We applaud your gelling ability, sir. And if there's no product involved, we're even more impressed.

    You look like you'd be bad to have around in a crisis, but funny to have around the rest of the time!

    Never have we seen so many delightful forearms.

    Guy on the Bottom, you're a testament to the human desire to survive and/or procreate and/or build up upper body strength. We salute you.

    You make us think serious thoughts and reevaluate things, like communion or good manners.

    We like that you're not afraid to look like a d-bag. Also, we like how the objects in your pockets make you look sort of as if you have robot thighs.

    You've singlehandedly brought the stonewashed denim vest back!

    Your hair looks a little like a wig. That's a good thing. Maybe we should rephrase: your hair looks like you could sell it for money.

    [All photos courtesy of ICanTeachYouHowToDoIt]