The "I'm Getting Arrested" app for Android by Quadrant 2.

The "I'm Getting Arrested" app for Android by Quadrant 2. [Download Now!] I'm Getting Arrested is a creative Android app that, according to developer Quadrant 2, was inspired by a real-life "Occupy Wall Street" incident. It lets you quickly notify your family, friends, and crack legal team (if you have one) of your situation with a single tap of your finger. Just initially enter a custom message and some SMS-ready numbers to contact in the event of your arrest. Then, as you're about to be corralled into the back of a squad car, fire the app up and long-press the bull's-eye for 2 seconds. From there, you can rest assured that your message will be sent to the appropriate contacts. [CNet]
Alert your lawyer, loved ones, etc ... that you are being arrested with a click. I'm Getting Arrested enables anyone, with one click, to broadcast a custom message to SMS numbers in the event they are arrested. Very easy to setup and operate. Instructions under help menu. Inspired by a real Occupy Wall Street incident. Free to the other 99%. App is very fresh--so please test, provide feedback and check for frequent updates. [CNBC]
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