"Best $2K I Ever Spent" MTV's Super Sweet Bash

by Annie Rooney · September 7, 2011

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    Outrageous. Embarrassing. Drunk. This weekend, the guests invited to a private Water Mill residence for a day drinking debauchery fest, left Summer 2011 with a bang. Shirt-less, bottle-chugging, and  grinding is a popular way to make the most of those house parties. Good thing there was a pool because those sweaty dances never leave anyone looking refreshed. Jason Pollock from The Jump Off looks like he invited any and every down-to-party-clown to "Live That Life, the theJumpoff.com Mobile App Launch Party in affiliation with Fowl Owl, Pandarand, and MTV.

    And it was a smart thing he did, providing the good kind of reality TV for the filming crew from MTV who was there working on capturing footage for the new series "My Super Sweet World Class," that debuts Feb. 1. Ryan Hernandez, Chris Beninati, Matt Weeks and Mike Derosa hosted the party with music by DJ Dhino and liquor and beer galore. Other guests included Kala Alexander, leader of Da Hui, Jared Evan of Interscope records, performing artist Missy Model. This elite festival-like pool party was a crazy afternoon that most definitely had you waking up Monday morning trying to piece together a time line of Sunday's escapades.

    You want some of this?

    Is it just me or does this seem like Hamptons meet Laguna Beach?

    This guy is ready to get the party started. Just look at that face.

    Flipcup! Classic!

    The guy who dances with the performers and gets away with it.

    It's a draw. Both are champion party guys.