"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" One Night Only In Studio 54!

by Rachelle Hruska · October 19, 2011

    [Photo via @dayandnightlife]

    Last night, Manhattan's night life elite got their chance to party, for "one night only" inside the legendary night club "Studio 54." As you can imagine, things were wild. Check in on who was there, photos from the night and video from inside below....

    AVICII Performing Live @ Studio 54 NYC 10/18/11:

    "The hand-picked collaborators who choreographed Studio’s nightly parties will create the Studio 54 experience for one more night. The team includes: Karin Bacon, Studio 54 entertainment producer; Scott Bromley, Studio 54 architect; Marc Benecke, Studio 54 doorman; Myra Scheer, assistant to former Studio 54 co-owner Steve Rubell; Chuck Garelick, Studio 54’s former head of security; Scott Taylor, Studio 54’s former bartender, and other insiders.

    Original Studio 54 DJs Nicky Siano and Leroy Washington will play the iconic era’s dance classics. Celebrity guests, some from Steve Rubell’s master call list were there." [Sirius]

    Check it out: One night only!! Our very own Rachel Cohen and @lanceBass last night at Studio54!! [@phiefercompany]

    From Niche Media's Jason Binn:

    "Great times w/ Cameron Diaz & Naomi Campbell at Studio 54. Well done @richienotar, & SiriusXM"

    "Mr. Tao - @noahtepperberg, DJ gr8 @erickmorillo & Richie Akiva make to Studio 54!"

    From @littleylittley:

    "Live tweeting from the #Studio54 carpet..@JackYeaton chatting with Gayle King. 'Nuff Said."

    @BravoAndy unveils the #Studio54 Marquee for the #Studio54OneNightOnly event on 10/1 [@siriusxm]