"Best $75k We Ever Spent!" Merkato 55 Saturday Brunch

by Stanely Stuyvesant · December 29, 2008

    [Daniel Koch gets the champagne tower started. Photo via STEVEN EKEROVICH]

    Last week we chronicled the Saturday brunch scene in Manhattan that has been exploding down in the meatpacking district.  And now we apparently have the numbers to prove it.  A tipster says that the Merkato 55 operation revenues have been on the trajectory of a champagne cork flying through the air (pre apex).

    Having expanded to the second floor, they have been pulling in roughly 75k in revenue

    Quite a pull for five hours or 300 minutes of fun.  So what might this mean over the period of a year?

    More story below: Supposing these guys can knock it out of the park 40 Saturdays of the 52 that exist in a year, their revenues might very well be (40 * 75,000 = 3,000,000) three million.  Wow!  Now if we go back to a single day, and divide total daily revenue by minutes (75,000 / 300 = 250) they are making approximately $250 a minute, or opening a bottle of Rose every minute.  Wow!  Way to go Koch Brothers.