Blonde Bombshells Galore: The Cobrasnake Captures The Madness In Aussie Land

by Chelsea Burcz · March 9, 2009

    cobrasnakeSince his love affair with fashion muse brunette Cory Kennedy, it seems that The Cobrasnake has started to become keen on blondes. Lately his photos of are chock full of tan, platinum blonde beauties partying hard down under. Ok, we get it, it's warm in Australia right now, thanks for rubbing it in Cobrasnake. Check out more of his wild nights out on the town here.

    More photos below...

    cobrasnake Blondes have more fun

    cobrasnake Blondes occasionally converse with brunettes

    cobrasnake Blondies rock out

    cobrasnake This blonde can braid hair!

    Some more blondes acting out: cobrasnakecobrasnakecobrasnakecobrasnakecobrasnakecobrasnakecobrasnake