Booze For Bolivia: First Fair Trade Vodka Hits NYC Shelves

by Daniel Reynolds · February 8, 2012

    While drinking and philanthropy usually go hand in hand in New York, here's an ambitious new product that cuts out the middle man: Fair Vodka, the world's first Fair Trade spirit, and also the first quinoa-based vodka.

    Fair Vodka made a splash at last week's Benefit For Haiti, as co-founder Jean-Francois Daniel explained the importance of going Fair Trade in alcohol consumption. In a SF Gate article, he stated:

    "When you drink this vodka, you are helping Bolivian farmers earn a living wage and have enough left over to invest in their communities... When we buy their products, we're not giving them charity, we're just making sure they can sell their crops at a decent price."

    Already wildly popular on the West Coast, Fair is still just catching on in NYC. So, instead of donating to a celebrity's bejeweled wallet for your next event, why not support a brand that goes to a good cause? I think we can all drink to that!

    For more information on Fair Trade, and to find retail locations, go HERE.

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