Breaking: Le Baron Gets Liquor License Approved...Finally

by Chelsea Burcz · January 11, 2012

    The highly anticipated arrival of Le Baron may finally actually happen. After nearly two years of dancing around the idea of opening (and making films and DJing in the meantime), it has been reported by Eater that New York nightlife staple Andre Saraiva's Chinatown nightclub has been officially approved by the State Liquor Authority, which leads us to believe that Andre is getting his act together. Apparently, this was the final hurdle standing in the way of Le Baron's opening, so theoretically the club should be opening soon. But knowing Andre's record, don't get your hopes to high. Back in February, Andre told us the reason for the delay was the following:

    Because America gets really complicated to have all the permits and licenses. I made Beatrice, and they closed me because I didn’t make it all super legal. I just made it a place that I like. I had so much problem with the community board and everything, so this time I decided to do a place where everything is perfect and nobody can come and say “Oh, that’s illegal.” I want to do it the right way.

    Fingers crossed.

    Check out what Andre told us about NYC's Le Baron back in February HERE.