Breaking News: Bungalow 8

by guestofaguest · August 1, 2007

    bungalow 8

    Last night we met up with one of our favorite night club owners who informed us that, contrary to popular belief and rumors circulating for months now, Ms. Amy Sacco will NOT be moving Bungalow 8's location.  In fact, our (very reliable) source told us that Amy renewed her lease on the space for another 15 YEARS!!!  Bungalow 8 started a street (27th) and set the bar for every club/lounge that followed, and now it seems, it is there to stay.  We can only hope that Disco will continue his reign as king of the door and not follow in Socialista's Armin's footsteps.  We also heard that Mansion (yes the Miami hotspot), is getting ready to move into the old Crobar space this fall, and Cain will still be leaving the scene for a more downtown space.