Briana Swanson Brings Birthday Circus To The Eldridge

by Rachelle Hruska · March 12, 2009

    [Briana Swanson makes a wish at the Eldridge. Ariel Moses and John Munson look on]

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    Briana Swanson's birthday party at the Eldridge last night brought out all of the usual suspects including owner Matt Levine and Francesco Civetta (who was DJ).  Others included Liam McMullan, Nick Hunt, Vanessa Bokaemper, John Munson, Ariel Moses, Sebastian Bland, Sam Talbot, Katie Gall, Shawn McDonald, Mechelle Easterlain, Scott Buccheit, Naeem Delbridge, Jenn Long, Gage Cass, Tara Church, Tom Metzker and Stephanie Wei and David Karp among others.  More photos below....

    More photos below...

    John Munson, Briana Swanson, Sebastian Bland

    Briana Swanson, Liam McMullan, Naeem Delbridge

    David Karp, Stephanie Wei, Briana Swanson

    David Karp, Stephanie Wei, Ariel Moses

    Francesco Civetta

    Francesco Civetta, Naeem Delbridge