Can Diesel Top The Biggest International Party Ever?

by BILLY GRAY · October 21, 2009

    Last October, Diesel threw an event it called the "biggest international party ever," with a shindig that started in Tokyo and touched down on fifteen other cities before a big Brooklyn finale. Now, the denim purveyors are at it again with an open bar bash scheduled for October 27th. Where, you ask?

    Well, the location is being kept a secret. If you want to know where we'll all be the 27th, you can try to ask "The Baron" at Diesel's Union Square store. But chances are he'll just give you a bracelet (essential for admission) with a number to call and a Twitter account to follow for all the details.

    Check out Kayne West's latest appearance at the last Diesel party from July, '09 HERE.

    [Photo via David Hsu]