Crash Test Dummies: Always Buckle Up On Your Night Out

by guestofaguest · February 22, 2009

    We usually cover among other things parties, but once in a while, it's necessary to cover the city nightlife in real-time.  Unfortunately, real-time means reality, and sometimes people get over-served, over-indulged, and when it mixes with driving the concoction can result in dire consequences.  Take for example the accident that just occurred at approximately 4:35am on West 12th Street and 5th Ave.

    A GUEST sent in the following pictures (more below).  A cab collided with a black SUV, flipping the SUV in its entirety.  We of course, don't know if there were substances involved, or who was at fault, but an age old adage tells us that "nothing good happens after 2am. " In addition the GUEST reports:

    The driver of the SUV tried to start the car, after it had flipped with fuel spilling out.  Not sure what he was thinking...probably lost his mind.  Or maybe didn't have his mind to begin with.  Would be curious to see the post crash investigation results.  The driver managed to crawl out of the trunk of the SUV and wander over to a mysterious Bentley that looked to be associated with part of his caravan.

    In any event, the driver of the SUV was eventually taken to a hospital after he was nursed in the mysterious Bentley for about 20 minutes. New York's Finest (NYPD), and New York's Bravest (NYFD) were on the scene, and took care of everything.  The mysterious black Bentley with license place "spec1al" below:

    [The not so "spec1al" Bentley that nursed the crash victim, aka driver of SUV] [Notice the NYPost truck in the background. The driver stopped to help.] [Driver of SUV on gurney being taken to Hospital]