Dave Chappelle Tonight

by MICHAEL PASTORINO · July 9, 2008

    Dave Chapell[Image via Front Row King]

    Dave Chappelle is back in the city for a standup comedy show tonight at Eugene on 24th street. The show is a fund-raiser for Kevin Powell for Congress in Brooklyn’s 10th District. Powell, a former star of MTV’s Real World, has decided that he would like to make some changes in the real real world. Chappelle has shown an interest in making a few changes of his own since 2003, when his Mad Real World skit first aired.

    After MTV, Powell went on to an extremely successful career as an activist, public speaker, hiphop historian, songwriter, political consultant, and author. Politically, he is most well known for his best-selling collection of essays, Who’s Gonna Take the Weight? Tickets tonight are going from $75 to $2,300.