Day & Night Secures Buddha Bar (Ajna Bar) For This Brunch Season!

by Chelsea Burcz · September 19, 2011

    Day & Night brunch in NYC is back! Derek and Daniel Koch are ready to come home to NYC after throwing brunch parties in St. Tropez and the Hamptons, and this time it will be at Buddha Bar (or formerly known as Buddha Bar, it is now known as "Ajna Bar"), the spot on Little West 12th street. Will the partiers of Day & Night be able to revel in all their glory at this new spot and not have to concern themselves with another Oak Room disaster?

    After annoying the usual respectable crowd at The Oak Room with their Lady Gaga and champagne spraying (yes, it's a crazy world at Day & Night brunch, but very profitable) and "ruining" the name of The Oak Room, the Koch bros have picked a more reasonable destination this time around with Buddha Bar.

    Buddha Bar has more of a "club" feeling than their Oak Room predecessors, which might bring the brunch back to a time when people didn't try to pretend that what they were doing was classy - just drunken sloppiness.

    Can you picture party goers dancing on these table tops?

    While Day & Nighters are peeing their pants with excitement, we've noticed competitors trying to jump the brunch bandwagon, such as the Dream Downtown with their launch of the "After Brunch" in which one does about all the same things as you would at a regular boozy brunch, however the time slot is when the sun starts to go down (so you can sleep off the previous night's hangover a bit more perhaps?).

    The Sunset Brunch club has also been throwing boozy brunches later in the day, which leads us to question: will the Koch brothers also push back their brunch so that is less "brunch" and more "supper" time or stick to their old ways? Looks like we have a battle of the brunches on our hands...

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