DJ Nick Cohen Livens Up Halloween At The Hudson Hotel

by ARIEL MOSES · November 3, 2008

    [Nick Cohen, Alexandra Richards, Alan Philips. Photo by SCOTT RUDD]

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    The Hudson Hotel hosted its Halloween in Wonderland party on Friday night with SKY Group and Lucid Absinthe. Guests including Alexia Aidan, Sam Haber, David Chines, Kerry Cassidy, Alan Philips, and Sheehan Raab enjoyed Lucid Absinthe and Red Bull cocktails as well as Leblon Caipirinhas, while they rocked out to DJ Nick Cohen, who spun throughout the night dressed in a lame gold outfit. Also on hand was DJ Cohen’s ex and fashionista Alexandra Richards, who took over on the turntables while sporting a nostalgic Garth costume.  Wayne was nowhere to be seen, but he was unnecessary... She can pull off anything! There was even a performance by burlesque star Madame Rosebud; although, it was hard to tell she wasn’t in costume!

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    Other guests included Caroline Copley,  Suki Labarre, Lizzie Ripps, and Maggie Gray who looked on while the Retro Kidz (who I met last summer  and absolutely loved) did a 90’s throw-back dance/rap off. I even had a personal rap made about my Yankees costume. (Note to self: team-affiliated costumes are controversial.) The place was packed until the wee hours of the morning, with some crazy costumes and even crazier dance moves.  This party was so hot, two GofG interns, Carolina and Maggie, stopped by with their friends.  Carolina gave us this report:

    Due to prior commitments, and Halloween travel congestion, our entrance to the Hudson Hotel’s Halloween party was well past midnight (luckily we didn’t turn into pumpkins!). Not to fear, the party was definitely was still going strong, although the super sticky floor was a sign that the night’s earlier festivities were just as good. Costumes ranged from amazing group efforts to a sad Wall Street man to topless dancers (of course, Halloween is when you’re allowed to walk around naked). DJ Nick Cohen was playing some great twist and Elvis songs, which added to the wacky, fun feel of the night. Guests were friendly, dancing like crazy, and having a great time with the costumed bartenders. Shouldn’t bartenders always be dressed up? It’s great to get your drink from Zorro. Though we had missed the absinthe, we ended the night by heading over to Schoolbreds where you can get your flaming (literally on fire) absinthe from Cleopatra (aka Monica) any day.

    [The Retro Kidz. photo by Scott from PMc]