Don't Forget To Check Your Dignity At The Door...

by Stanely Stuyvesant · September 26, 2008

    [Sloppy late night creepin' at Pink Elephant]

    Yes, get a room is what we say.  We've all gone out and been guilty of it.  Some of us more than others, but guilty nonetheless.  Well now there is hope.  You can in fact retain your social graces when you go out, and not have to worry about the online photo fallout the day after.   Just ask Tallulah Bankhead.  No not the oversexed actress and bon vivant whose famous last words were "Codeine...Bourbon", rather the blogger.  Tallulah gives us some great dos and dont's about going out, with a resounding emphasis on the pitfalls of bad breath, aka "dog breath".  One in particular that caught our eye was:

    Don't wear white sneakers.  It’s not a good night look.

    Hopefully this doesn't apply to sneakers in general, because Stanley needs cushioned support for his barrel-chested upper body.  And we also hope this doesn't mean no white socks with black loafers (a la Michael Jackson).  As for "dog breath", its a dog gone shame there isn't too much a dog can do about his breath.  My penchant for pig ears is just too large for me to make a compromise.  Ruff!