Dream Downtown Too Loud For Zzzzzs

by Roxana Hernandez · July 15, 2011

    Open just one month, Vikram Chatwal's Dream Downtown is proving that it is the place to be- yet some guests feel it's disturbing their peace.  There has been a slew of complaints about the "loud" pool bar, packed sidewalk, and double parked cars. They can't get any sleep!

    Some guests shared their opinions about the noise with dnainfo.

    "If you're young and you don't want to sleep, the place is good. It's a discotheque, not a hotel." Joked Maniga Lawrent

    That's exactly why New Yorker's love this place. It has a bar, pool, rooftop and music. It's summertime bliss!

    "Another guest, Leia Sopata, said she heard another guest complain about the noise, but claimed she was able to sleep in the hotel. She was more focused on the novel scene."

    At least someone knew what they were getting into.

    Unlike the Empire Hotel who has been ordered by the court to quiet down, Dream Dowtown has pleaded for patience, stating they were still ironing out kinks.

    "The hotel recently installed a "limiter" on the pool's bar sound-system to subdue the noise and got a taxi stand to diffuse groups waiting outside the hotel. The establishment is also hiring a traffic security person and starting monthly meetings with the community."

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