EXCLUSIVE: Introducing The Parlor Club. Manhattan's Newest Exclusive Social Club Set To Open In Spring (And On Spring)

by Rachelle Hruska · October 14, 2009

    Getting bored with your social options lately? With the Jane Ballroom currently closed, the nightclubs too rowdy for you, and getting bombed at the Boom Boom Room quickly becoming old news, where is a Manhattan social to turn?  Introducing the Parlor Club. This very secret club, set to open at 330 Spring (at Washington) has a certain circle of socials already talking. But getting passed the door may be difficult.  The chosen individuals that have been selected to become members have already received their invites (photo below) to this project that is rumored to be funded by a backer of 1Oak, Butter, La Esquina and Cain.  The Operations Team includes a former Soho House NY executive and the restaurant director of a boutique hotel in South Beach. The team also includes prior members of eating and final clubs. (hint: there are sure to be Ivy spotting inside).

    From the official invite:

    "The Parlor Club is selecting a modest number of New Yorkers to become founding members of its organization. The club ios not for everyone: we seek members who are intelligent, professionally ambitious, and never boring - whether in style or in conversation.

    Our club's raison d'etre: to socialize with friends and fellow members, to dine well, and to enjoy parties that range from the causal to the ostentatious. Everything in our clubhouse - from the drink privileges, to the media library, to our dining facilities - is designed to make Manhattan nightlife an even richer expericence for you."

    We will be keeping you up to date on all things Parlor Club, from when it's expecting to open (it's scheduled for March '10), to who is spotted hobnobbing within.