Exclusive Photos Inside The New Cain Luxe!

by Rachelle Hruska · October 22, 2008

    [With Jamie Mulholland inside new Cain Luxe]

    Our meeting was scheduled for 11:30 am.  I get a call.  It's Jamie Mulholland and his South African accent: "Darling you might want to get down here as soon as possible, the doors are open and there's some kid blogger downstairs taking photos."

    It's hard to keep your new digs a secret, especially when Vivienne Westwood decides to host her sample sale on floor 6 above.  In any event, I got there as fast as Manhattan traffic could carry me.  It'd be redundant to talk about how online media has change all of us, but this was ridiculous!  The poor guy couldn't even see the installation of his exquisite mohair seats being installed before he had to open his doors to me to take photos, before the other blogger vultures got there!  Talk about keeping you on your toes...

    More stories and photos below:

    ...I ran over in my yoga pants.

    The place is set to open with a grand party tomorrow night. And, even without the Mohair installed, the place already looked exciting. The black ebony floors, the tusks, the light detailing....no expenses were spared.  Details are important in this city, where you are competing against hundreds of other night spots, and several openings on the same night as yours. Thankfully, Mulholland is a man of details.  This is a fact that is felt whether your standing in the DJ booth at Goldbar or sipping a mojito on Surf Lodge's deck.  It is evident when you meet him, and shined today when I walked in on him instructing his construction manager on exactly what he wanted a certain area to look like.

    Chelsea and 27th street in particular may have turned into "everything that is wrong with New York", but I'm confident in the brand that the Cain team has created, and look forward to seeing the REAL finished project tomorrow night.  Stay tuned for my interview with Jamie.