"F*ck Butter" Tuesdays Are a Thing of the Past

by guestofaguest · January 8, 2008


    [Photo from Gawker]

    Today Gawker puts up this lovely little picture for us so that we may be made even MORE aware of Butter being "over". Well no duh. Tell me something I didn't know a year and a half ago. So maybe this post is a little dated but it sure is funny huh? Funny to reminiscence on all the Monday nights spent with the various New York hip hoppers and Giants. God, how this place became popular in the first place was always perplexing to me and my mates, but now that there's picture proof of what it's become, I will only have those drunkin memories to look back on (most of them include the "Fuck Butter Tuesdays" that I so frequently shared). The Butter Boys can't seem to get their act together, but hey you can't blame them for wanting to hang out in St. Barth's over promoting their new 1 JOAK this holiday season, can you? Must be RUFF!