Field Of Dreamboats

by CLAIRE WILLETT · April 10, 2008

    Angels and Kings[Photo via nymag] If mingling with a whole garden of tipsy Violets whilst paying tribute to the emo and eyelined glory that is Pete Wentz sounds like a p.m. hole-in-one, head over to Angels and Kings tonight. Don't worry about not getting the student films -no one will be watching them anyways. Instead, we recommend seeing how many tab-happy youngsters you can convince to buy you the Ashley Iced Tea --$15 for a sip of the sloppier Simpson is a bargain on someone else's dime. Mission: Unaccomplished (or unappealing)? Cover your embarrassment with gratis jello shots, Red Bull and Vodkas, Bass Ale, and, for girls only, Trump Vodka. That Donald, such gentleman. Make sure you don your nicest frock and see you there!