Frank Sinatra's Favorite NYC Bar Is Reopening

by Stephanie Maida · February 9, 2018

    The historic Beekman Tower, opened in the 1920s as a women-only hotel, has led many lives. Its most exciting one, by far, was when it boasted the Top of the Tower rooftop bar. In its heyday, the distinctly art deco space was the go-to watering hole of Frank Sinatra - a spot he'd frequent after his shows, sometimes putting on impromptu performances for his fellow revelers.


    Now the iconic bar on the 26th floor is back, renamed, but hoping to preserve some of its former glory.

    Acquired by Merchants Hospitality Inc., the space is called Ophelia, and it's set to serve "whimsical" cocktails with a side of views starting Monday, February 12th. If we're to judge it solely on its Instagram presence, the place already seems spectacular. Even Sinatra might be impressed.

    [Photos via @opheliany]