Friday's NYC Nightlife News Round Up

by Chelsea Burcz · September 9, 2011

    Simonez Wolf decides to shut down the pop up party Madame Wong's, Hoteliers Sean MacPherson and Richard Born plan to open another hotel/restaurant/bar in Greenwich Village, Fashion's Night Out and the Kardshians take over NYC, and more! Plus check out our Hottest Party Places of Fashion Week!

    1. The pop up club that started it all, Madame Wong's, is no more. Eater reports that Simonez Wolf, of Beatrice Inn and Le Bain, has decided to shut down the party after having to deal with authorities on numerous matters. The pro party thrower decided it wasn't worth all the trouble for a party that wasn't that profitable. Wolf has moved on to a different Asian restaurant, Red Egg, in Nolita for his next venture. Better work on getting on that list now. [Eater]

    [Photo via 24HourPartyPeople]

    2.Hoteliers Richard Born and Sean MacPherson are collaborating on a historical boutique hotel/bar/restaurant in Greenwich Village -- the former Marlton House on W. 8th street off of Fifth Avenue, to be exact. The spot was a former hot spot for the Beat writers, such as Jack Kerouac, Gregory Corso, Neal Cassady and Edna St. Vincent Millay. Built in 1900, the building will have the "Sean Macpherson" vibe, being that it is in between the Bowery and the Jane. [Post]

    3. Fashion's Night Out, the brainchild of Anna Wintour, wooed shoppers last night with glitz and glamor even though the industry has been battered by the economic down turn. Shops stayed open late offering cocktails and other attractions in Australia, Asia, Europe and 100 U.S. cities from LA to NYC. But is it all worth it? The event is starting to be criticized with being too much of a party, and less about the stores. With costs for security, crowd control and traffic, and entertainment profits from the event aren't very high. [Reuters]

    4. The Electric Room has finally opened up for business beneath the Dream Hotel, and people have been partying there this fashion week. Rachel Zoe just had her birthday party there, and Courtney Love hung out the first night at their "soft" opening Tuesday night. [GuestofaGuest]

    5. Blogger Cat Marnell at xoJane claims that she smoked marijuana at GoldBar a couple of weeks ago. [Gothamist]

    6. The Kardashians showed up to the Dash store in Soho in support of Fashion's Night Out - and everybody FREAKED out. Here's a video of the madness.