GofG And EFFEN Design Your Perfect Girls Night Out In NYC

by Stanely Stuyvesant · June 2, 2011

    Many of the emails from our readers have to do with asking us for suggestions on what to do for a night out in NYC. From what to do on a first date, to where to take your 10 buddies from home, we do our best to give you an up-to-date opinion on where you should be spending your free time. Today, we focus on the ladies. Below, our one night guide on where to eat, drink, and dance the night away in NYC with your group of girlfriends:

    1. Cocktails before dinner: We suggest starting the night off at a chic hotel bar such as The Bowery Hotel , The Ace, or The Standard Hotel.  It will give a chance for everyone in your group to meet at a designated spot where there will be guaranteed space as well as the opportunity to meet and mingle with other patrons (read: guys) who are also meeting friends for drinks there. Suggested starting drink: EFFEN vodka, soda, lime.

    2. Dinner: Depending on the size and sensibility of your party of girls, we suggest leaving the cocktail scene for a more intimate setting for a dinner that you can get your girly on at. Suggestions include Il Buco, which has a fantastic downstairs dining room, Raoul’s, a classic NYC establishment in Soho, or La Esquina, a super cool and hidden Mexican hotspot with a dining room that is accessible only after bypassing an underground kitchen. Bonus, all three take reservations: Dinner drink: Effen Vodka special.

    3. After dinner dancing: After dinner, we suggest taking the group to a hot dancing spot to get your groove on. Suggestions include places like The Jane, The Boom Boom Room, Lavo, Avenue, and 1Oak depending on proximity to homes and level of connectiveness. Suggestion: create a buddy system. Two to three girls are much easier to swing inside than ten. Pair off and make a backup plan in case you don’t all get in. On that note, be glad you’re not part of an equally large group of all males. Drink to find a boy to buy you: Effen with cranberry.

    We hope this is a good starting point to helping you and your group of girlfriends plan their next night out in the city. Remember, sometimes the best of times can’t be planned, and happen in the most intimate settings. If you’re too exhausted from a week of work, consider buying a bottle of EFFEN and having everyone over for some pillow talk and take out.

    This post and its content is sponsored by and brought to you by the EFFEN Vodka Defining Style Editorial series.