Guns N' Roses Sends Off The Hiro Ballroom In Epic Rock 'n' Roll Style

by guestofaguest · February 17, 2012

    It wouldn't be a NYC fashion week with at least one rock n roll show from Nur Khan (reference). And last night's party at Hiro Ballroom, hosted by Deleon Tequila, underneath the Maritime Hotel will go down as not only one of the major highlights of Fall FW12, but as one of the major shows in the history of the space that has hosted legendary rock-stars for the better part of this decade. You may be wondering what Khan, owner of the Electric Room underneath the Dream Hotel, just steps away from the Maritime, was doing hosting this epic event at Hiro. Here's what Nur told Steve Lewis yesterday:

    "I'm doing this at Hiro; it's sort of my two cents into the goodbye. The town is losing another rock and roll room. I'm going to have to build another. We'd still be at Don Hill's if he hadn't died. This show at Hiro is all out ...confetti canons, arealists. It's the last hurrah before Mark Packer takes Hiro and Matsuri over and does what he does to it"

    Context: The Mari(times) They Are A Changin....

    Check out our gallery from the show and more from the show and after-party below:

    [Far Left: Nick Zinner, Far Right: Nur Khan holding court.]

    In true Axl-fashion, the GNR frontman didn't take the stage until midnight, but when he did, the crowd went wild.

    Donning various top hats throughout the rousing set, Rose brought us back to the good ol' days with "Paradise City," "Sweet Child O'Mine," and more.

    Guests included Justin Timberlake, Matt Damon, Chelsea Clinton, Jason Sudeikis, Olivia Wilde, Sienna Miller, Tom Sturridge, Evan Rachel Wood, Jamie Bell, Jimmy Fallon, Jared Leto, Kellan Lutz, Jonathan Cheban, Hilary Rhoda, Sean Avery, Byrdie Bell, Cory Kennedy, Jessica Hart, Timo Weiland, Scott Lipps, Mia Moretti, Taylor Momsen, Nick Zinner, Michelle Harper, Rachelle Hruska MacPherson, Cameron Winklevoss, Tyler Winklevoss, DANNIJO's Danielle and Jodie Snyder, Chelsea Burcz, Courtney McGowan, Samantha Hui, Rachel Herman, David X Prutting, Alexandra Richards, Mario Sorrenti, Mary Frey, Claire Courtin-Clarins, Cristina Civetta, Jacob DeKat, Prince Chenoa, Sarah Kunst, Carson Griffith and every worn out fashion model struggling to stay awake after the incredibly long week.

    After two+ hours of the Axl-dance, the crowd headed next door to a packed Electric Room, where the party raged well, well into the morning.

    The show was such an epic event that Stanley decided to name today (Friday), Axl Rose day in the GofG offices. Everyone gets to work from home! (Axl danceee)

    [Nur Khan, Axl Rose via BFA]

    [Team GofG: Rachel Herman, Chelsea Burcz, Courtney McGowan, Samantha Hui, Rachelle Hruska]

    [Courtney McGowan, Scott Lipps, Chelsea Burcz]

    [Cory Kennedy]

    [Cristina Civetta, Scott Lipps]

    [via @jodielynns]

    [Axl Rose via]

    The amazing set list:

    [via @afreston]

    Did we mention there were girls hanging from the ceiling?

    [Photos via BFA]

    And the venue was PACKED!!

    RIP Hiro Ballroom. We will miss you!