How Do YOU Rock It? YRB Magazine Hosts Third Annual "How You Rock It Event" At M2 Ultra Lounge

by PERRINE MEISTRELL · May 20, 2009

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    Last night at M2 Ultra Lounge in Chelsea YRB (acronym for Yellow Rat Bastard) Magazine hosted its Third Annual "How You Rock It Event" where guests had the opportunity to show off their personal style with fellow industry insiders.  The event was a celebration for YRB's fall fashion issue, their summer issue release, and the album release of Busta Rhympse LP "B.O.M.B.S."  With musicians rocking out and cocktails flowing the party pics definitely will help give you a little flavor of the different looks on display. From neon pants to leopard prints to sequined jumpsuits, it was an eclectic and fun mix.

    Tim Moorehouse, Jason Rogers, Scott Buccheit